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The financial sector deals with the finances of diverse industries. This sector maintains B2B relations with various clients, which makes it susceptible to illicit activities. The imposters have developed advanced methods to forge and manipulate customer’s financial accounts to conduct illicit activities. Financial institutions must protect the customer’s identity with the utilization of digital identity verification for finance departments. A study shows that the digital identity authentication market is expected to accumulate a market share of approximately $83.2 billion in the next four years. These services authenticate the legitimacy of financial account holders by using digital verification techniques.         

Online Identity Verification Solutions – Significance of Biometric Verification to Combat Financial Scams 

Online identity authentication services incorporate the implementation of digital authentication techniques to analyze the identity profiles of customers during the onboarding process. This process entails the use of automated biometric authentication services, which eliminates the imposter’s illicit attempts. The financial sector is extremely sensitive to account takeovers and credit card fraud attempts, which makes way for money launderers to illicitly transfer funds from one place to another. The utilization of automated identity authentication services can overcome these frauds because they conduct an extensive analysis of the customer’s risk profiles and identify them on the basis of their unique facial characteristics. 

Biometric and online verification services are embedded in the automated facial recognition services. Facial identification solutions utilize machine learning technologies, which allow them to detect the identities and financial histories of customers before providing them access to financial bank accounts. These services can detect the uniqueness of customers’ facial and voice characteristics through which they identify whether the underlying is authentic or synthetic identity. The financial sector can actively incorporate this service in their identity verification criteria because they prevent identity thefts from accessing the customer’s financial bank account details.       

Identity Verification Solutions – KYC Compliant Authentication Services to the Rescue

The financial sector is involved in business relationships with several industries. They provide monetary funds and finances to several enterprises, which makes them sensitive to fraudulent actions. Financial enterprises need to conduct an extensive AML screening for their customers. This involves the examination of customers through an extensive customer due diligence (CDD) process. The CDD process analyzes the customer’s risk profiles and financial activities because it examines the customer’s identity profiles against several international watchlists. This process is done to ensure that money launderers and unauthorized entities are screened out and cannot access financial services. 

Financial institutions must abide by the Know Your Business (KYB) rules, which is a process of authenticating the legitimacy of businesses before engaging in B2B relations. This involves the identification of the partner company’s ultimate business owners’ (UBOs) and stakeholders’ financial activities and risk profiles. These entities must be screened against criminal watchlists to analyze their financial histories.  

Online Verification of Identity – Significance of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services  

Financial institutions can mitigate money laundering and monetary crimes if they utilize OCR services to authenticate the legitimacy of customer’s identity documents. OCR services can effectively detect all illicit activities, such as data manipulation and identity theft attempts. This tool is backed by AI technology which allows them to detect the alteration, substitutions, and fabrications in the documents that the imposters may use to conduct illicit financial activities. Optical character recognition solutions are capable of extracting raw data from unstructured documents and converting them into digital formats that are easily understandable by automated machine-learning algorithms.  

ID Authentication Solution – A Streamlined Identity Verification Framework 

Digital identity verification for finance protects financial services from unauthorized access and illicit activities. Online identity verification services provide customers with real-time authentication results that enhance their onboarding experience. These solutions can actively be used to authenticate the identities of remote customers, enhancing their conversion rates. The utilization of online identity verification solutions reduces the financial institution’s operational costs as well. 

Digital identity verification for finance can effectively detect high-risk transactions because of its extensive AML screening procedures. These online services comply with the KYC regulations, which provide additional protection of bank account holder’s documents from illicit access. They also protect the financial sector from non-compliance penalties and repercussions.      

Concluding Remarks 

Digital identity verification for finance is essential for the protection of customer’s confidential information. The financial sector provides monetary finances to various industries, making them sensitive to illegal account access and money laundering. The fraudsters use the legitimate customer’s bank accounts to make illegal funds transactions. Online identity authentication services can effectively overcome these issues because they use AI-powered biometric verification and OCR technologies that can detect the manipulation and alteration of documents effectively. The digital identity authentication solutions comply with the KYC regulations, which protects them from various financial penalties. These services are time-efficient and reduce the financial sector’s operational costs because of the elimination of fraudulent activities.  

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